About Us

Vidz For Biz

Vidz For Biz

A nationwide company based in Frederick, MD

Our goal is to help companies, small to large, grow and market their businesses effectively through video. Our President and CEO, Andrew Linn, has spent 12 years in the video and film business and knows the ins and outs of video production and video marketing. While Google is the number 1 search engine, YouTube is the #2 Search Engine. In the 21st Century all companies need to grow their video presence online and we’re here to make that happen.

Our Service Categories

Video Production

We provide the highest quality in video production. Most of our shoots can be filmed in 1.5-3 or 4 hours. Most of the projects we do are shot in 4K. We schedule a time that works for you and your teams schedule as well as our Videographers schedules. We recommend either shooting at your place of business or on a job site. All these things will be discussed before the video shoot.


We work with professional graphics software to produce high quality Animations. Animations are a fun and effective marketing tool. Animations can be used in an Office Lobby playing on loop to inform customers of products and services your company provides. They can also of course be used for sales/promotional videos and informative videos for FAQs that are easier to understand with a visual aid than text alone.

Video Editing

We offer the best in video editing and our pricing is very competitive. We can edit projects for Youtube as well as Facebook and Instagram Stories. We also Edit projects not shot by us. Any footage done by you or someone else can be Edited by us. Turn around time ranges. Some projects, depending on scale and scope, can have a finished edit in 2-3 days. Others may take 2-4 weeks. You can also pay $50 extra for speedy turnaround of 1-2 days.