YouTubes New Clip Tool

YouTube is rolling out a new feature that allows you to capture and share clips from videos and live streams. Clips on YouTube is available only to a small set of creator’s asof now as they are testing this new function. YouTube defines Clips as a Short, looping part of a video or live stream. It’s like a GIF with sound.

An experimental clipping tool will be visible on channels where the test is live. You can then click on that tool and choose a 5-second to 60-second segment from their videos and streams. You can adjust the length of the clip within the set limits by dragging the slider. After creating a clip, you can add a title and share it across various platforms via a new URL, embed code, text, or email.

If you’re a Vlogger or have a youtube channel this function is a great way to get peoples foot in the door for your videos. Sharing a clip of one of the more exciting or funny parts of your video will act as a teaser or movie preview to get people interested in watching the full video.

It’s quite simple to use. Below I’ve put a video of how to use it.

It’s a very cool tool and I hope they take it live for all channels, or at least give every channel the option of having it.